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J-Hope - Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)

Sale price$50.00 AUD
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Option: Album only

CD + Booklet (100 P) + Lyric Book (16 P) + Random Paper Toy + Paper Toy User Guide + Sticker Pack + Random Folded Poster (On Pack) + Random Photocard (2 P)

Weverse Gift Option: Photocard (1EA) + Image Photo Magnet (1EA)

Release date: 25th August

Estimated delivery: Up to 4 weeks after release date

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I love the song More

The album is so cute omg and i loved making the little doll that came in the album

Babbs ._.
J-Hope album

I have ordered from this website a lot and was scared to pre-order as I have never done so before. I made an exception to pre-order because J-hope is my bias and I really wanted the inclusions. I ended up with no inclusions from an ordering fault so they refunded some of the price and then the shipping was delayed again due to some albums (2) being damaged (mine included). I was really sad about not getting the inclusions but at least I was reimbursed. I have also pre-ordered V's album before all this happened with k-town inclusions so I already hope those come as well. I will still order from here, I just think it was an unlucky order for me and I was a little more sad cause it was my bias but other than that everything in the album was okay. Sorry I ranted a bit.